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      1.     昭通区域已布局昭通扶贫综合物流园,项目位于昭通市昭阳区,规划用地1572.4亩,一期“内昆铁路昭通站扶贫铁路专用线”工程占地612.3亩,计划2021年6月30号开通。项目建成后,通过贸易、物流、加工生产“三集聚”,充分发挥产业集聚效应,间接带动上万人就业。

            Zhaotong Poverty Alleviation Comprehensive Logistics Park has been under way in Zhaotong. The project is located in Zhaoyang District of Zhaotong City with a planned land area of 1,572.4 mu (104.83 hectares). The first phase “Zhaotong Station Poverty Alleviation Railway Special Line of Neijiang-Kunming” project covers 612.3 mu (40.82 hectares), which is planned to open for traffic on June 30, 2021. After the completion of the project, trade, logistics and processing production will be clustered to give full play to the industrial agglomeration effect and indirectly promote the employment of tens of thousands of people.