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      1.     昆明区域已布局王家营西钢材集散中心项目,占地面积60亩,年均吞吐量200万吨。王家营西站位于云南省昆明市呈贡区,是云南铁路枢纽主要货运站,车站设有集装箱中心站和综合性货场,是缅甸、老挝、泰国、越南等东南亚国家的外贸物资重要集散地,与滇越铁路王家营火车站一起共同构成中国面向东南亚的国际性、枢纽型现代铁路物流园区。目前园区主要以钢材公铁联运、仓储周转业务为主,服务于昆钢、水钢、攀钢等钢厂以及市场型钢贸企业,提供钢材等物资接取送达、仓储、装卸、配送、仓储监管等综合服务。

             Wangjiayingxi Iron & Steel Distributing Center in Kunming covers 60 mu land and has the annual average handling capacity of 2 million tons. Wangjiaying West Station, located in Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, is a major freight station of Yunnan railway hub. Equipped with the container central station and comprehensive freight yard, the station is an important collecting and distributing center of foreign trade materials from Southeast Asian countries, such as Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, and it together with Wangjiaying Railway Station of Yunnan-Vietnam Railway becomes the international modern railway logistics park hub oriented at Southeast Asia. At present, the park is mainly engaged in motor-rail multimodal transportation, warehousing and turnover business, the clients are steel mills such as Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shuicheng Iron and Steel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel and market-oriented steel trading enterprises, and comprehensive services such as steel material receiving and delivery, warehousing, loading and unloading, distribution, warehousing supervision, etc. are provided.