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      1. 水目山公铁联运物流园
        Shuimushan Highway and Railway Multimodal Transport Logistics Park
           Xiangyun Western Yunnan International Logistics Port Project phase I, namely Shuimushan highway and railway intermodal logistics park, is arranged in Yunnanyi Town, Xiangyun County, Dali Prefecture. The port has striking railway and highway transportation advantages. It is a comprehensive international logistics port with “modernization + intelligence” as the basis, and it integrates trade, storage and cross-regional logistics transportation. At present, major upgrading and renovation projects have been successfully completed, including the upgrading of hoisting equipment in the park, the construction of intelligent park information system, and the construction of monitoring and dispatching system there. These projects have effectively enhanced the informatization and intensive management efficiency of the park, improved the operation and safety risk control ability of the park, and greatly reduced the logistics cost for customers entering the park. It is estimated that the annual throughput in 2021 will exceed 3 million tons.