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      1.     河口区域已布局北山国际货场、边民互市等项目。根据云南省“开放前沿”和“ 辐射中心 ”定位,能投物流依托泛亚铁路东线等区域交通优势,打造集跨境物流、口岸贸易、智慧口岸大数据平台等为一体的跨境物流贸易综合体,构建“一站式”通关模式,有效延伸和拓展了河口口岸功能及辐射腹地范围,提升河口在对外开放格局中的区位重要性和影响力,促进河口片区建成面向南亚东南亚的重要物流枢纽和产业集聚地。

            Beishan International Freight Yard and the Border People Exchange Market have been arranged in Hekou。According to Yunnan Province's positioning as "the frontier for opening up" and "the pivot" Energy Investment Logistics, relying on the regional transportation advantages such as the east line of Pan-Asian Railway,builds a cross-border logistics trade complex integrating cross-border logistics,port trade and smart port big data platform,constructs a "one-stop" customs clearance mode,and effectively extends and expands the functions of Hekou port and the scope of radiation hinterland,enhances the geographical significance and influence of Hekou in opening up to the outside world,and promotes the construction of Hekou area as an important logistics hub and industrial cluster oriented at South and Southeast Asia.